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The RISD Design Guild is a student-run graphic design studio at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Yearbook 2020

POSE leader
Designing Backward
midyear club fair
Chinese film series
ASB poster

Artist Ball 2018

Commencefest 2018
Suggested Reading
Winter Classic 2019

Yearbook 2018

Block Party 2018
Lawn Party 2018
Is the World Urban?
Pain Pollen Poster
David Jhave Johnson Poster
RISD Research Opening Party

Orientation 2017

Nads Winter Classic 2018
Block Party 2017 Poster
Modern Icons Poster
Senior Week Poster
CSI Monday Nights
RISD Spring 2017 Architecture Poster

Yearbook 2017

Brookline Community Tree Workshop Poster
Alternative Spring Break
Alternative Spring Break
Mid-Year Involvement Fair 2018
RISD Hip Hop Poster

Artist Ball 2017

RISD Beekeeping
Drawing in Providence & Rome Class Flyer
RISD Nads Posters
RISD Nads Posters
RISD Nads Posters
RISD Nads Posters
RISD Nads Posters
RISD Spring Student Art Sale

Orientation 2016

RISD Gallery Cards Fall & Winter '16–'17
Artist Ball 2016, Plantasia
Oriental Silk
Town Hall Posters
RISD Apparel Senior Show Posters

Yearbook 2016

Maha Barsom Lookbook
Student Art Sale 2015
As My Work Pulls Me
Sound Arts Poster
RI DEM Logo/Branding
RI DEM Logo/Branding
RISD Apparel Sample Book
RISD Apparel Sample Book
Architecture Fall 2015 Exhibition and Lecture Series Poster
RISD Gallery Cards
RISD Gallery Cards
Interdisciplinary Studies Poster
RISD Leadershape

Senior Week 2015